Arizona Humane Society Joins Forces with Lawmakers to Tackle Animal Abuse Crisis

Chandler, Arizona – The Arizona Humane Society is collaborating with lawmakers and Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell to strengthen the state’s animal cruelty laws by proposing a new bill. In 2023, the Humane Society responded to 15,000 service calls and initiated nearly 10,000 animal abuse cases, reflecting a 21% increase compared to the previous year.

Dr. Steven Hansen, President and CEO of the Arizona Humane Society, stated, “Arizona’s pets have long suffered due to the inadequacy of our statewide animal cruelty law. While certain cities have implemented ordinances to offer additional protection, it is time for the entire state of Arizona to take a stand against animal cruelty.”

In a joint effort with the Chandler Police Department, the Humane Society assisted in removing 55 special needs dogs from the home of Sydney McKinley, also known as April McLaughlin. As part of the ongoing case, legal custody of the remaining 13 dogs has been granted to the Humane Society, which plans to reunite them with rescue groups on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 1047, sponsored by Senator T.J. Shope, aims to establish a comprehensive definition of cruelty to companion animals. The bill includes provisions regarding necessary medical attention, safe shelter, and protection during extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the legislation outlines standards for appropriate food and water for animal consumption.

Senator Shope emphasized the urgency to combat animal cruelty, citing cases of abandonment, lack of essential provisions, and inadequate shelter during extreme weather conditions. “I am proud to join forces with the Arizona Humane Society in our pursuit of a higher quality of life for all pets in our state,” he stated in a news release.

The proposed bill is a significant step towards addressing the rise in animal abuse cases in Arizona. By enhancing and clarifying the state’s animal cruelty laws, the legislation aims to ensure the well-being and protection of companion animals throughout Arizona. The Arizona Humane Society remains committed to advocating for stronger laws and a better future for animals in the state.