Anapol Weiss Welcomes Nation’s Top Attorneys to Expand Personal Injury and Mass Torts Litigation Practices

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Anapol Weiss, an award-winning personal injury law firm, has recently announced the addition of three highly regarded attorneys to their team. Richard Golomb, Kevin Fay, and Marni Berger bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm, further strengthening their capabilities in mass tort litigation, class actions, and insurance coverage litigation. Richard Golomb, a name partner at Golomb Legal, has over 35 years of experience representing victims of medical negligence, defective products, dangerous drugs, construction accidents, and other personal injury claims. He currently represents more than 1,200 women in a mass … Read more

Mass Tort Attorneys Face New Challenges in Complying with ABA Guidance: Ensuring Accountability and Ethics for Clients

Plaintiffs’ lawyers handling mass tort cases across the United States are faced with the challenge of adhering to new guidelines issued by the American Bar Association (ABA). On February 16, 2024, the ABA introduced a set of regulations aimed at ensuring compliance with ethical standards and best practices in the field of mass litigation. This development places additional responsibilities on attorneys as they navigate the complex landscape of class action lawsuits. The ABA’s guidance underscores the importance of attorneys’ duty to communicate effectively with their clients and maintain transparency throughout the litigation process. It emphasizes … Read more

Unmasking the Intricacies Behind Mass Torts: A Comprehensive Guide

Boston, MA – Mass torts are a complex form of litigation that involves multiple plaintiffs who have suffered injuries from the same tort committed by one or more defendants. These cases often arise from consumer product or pharmaceutical lawsuits, where a single product or drug has harmed numerous individuals. In order for a group of plaintiffs to proceed with a mass tort, they must seek permission from the court, which considers factors such as the number and location of the plaintiffs, the similarity of their injuries, and the connection between their claims. Mass torts offer … Read more

The Costly Legal Iceberg: How Mass Tort Litigation is Impacting the Economy and Job Creation

Bethesda, MD – Late-night television viewers are all too familiar with the barrage of ads that aim to recruit potential victims for various products and treatments. These commercials, though seemingly harmless, are just the tip of a much larger issue that plagues our economy. The underlying goal of these advertisements, according to the lawyers behind them, is to help people. However, the real beneficiaries of these lawsuits are the mega-law firms and their well-financed supporters. Attorneys specializing in mass tort litigation or class-action lawsuits heavily rely on advertising as their main source of income. They … Read more