Clark County School District’s Motion for Immunity in Cyberattack Class Action Lawsuit Under Consideration by Judge

LAS VEGAS, NV – A judge in Clark County is leaning toward granting the motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed against the Clark County School District (CCSD) in response to a cyberattack in 2023 that leaked students’ data. However, the judge wants both sides to prepare arguments regarding the district’s potential immunity. CCSD initially informed families about the breach on October 16, after discovering the issue around October 5. The lawsuit, filed on October 31, alleges that the breach led to the exposure of highly sensitive information belonging to teachers, students, graduates, and … Read more

Landmark Lawsuit Against Hermes: Class Action Alleges Tying Purchase of Birkin Bags to Luxury Items

San Francisco, California – A proposed class action lawsuit has been filed in Northern California against luxury fashion label Hermes, alleging that the retailer unfairly ties the purchase of its coveted Birkin bags to the purchase of other luxury items. Legal experts believe that this lawsuit could set a precedent in the retail industry, attracting the attention of both attorneys and fans of the brand. The Birkin bag, recognized by social media influencers and featured in books and television shows, has gained a cult-like following. However, the proposed lawsuit claims that Hermes employs a practice … Read more

Epiq Unveils Advanced Technology to Safeguard Class Action Claims from Fraud

NEW YORK (AP) — In anticipation of new digitization trends, Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader in the legal industry and corporations, has announced additional technology enhancements. These advancements aim to protect the integrity of class action claims by ensuring that valid claims are honored and fraudulent claims are stopped. Epiq’s proven anti-fraud process, EpiqShield™, combines technologies, people, and protocols to safeguard settlements from evolving threats. “Bad actors have increased their digital assaults on the class action claims process in recent years,” said Loree Kovach, Epiq’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Client Technology. Kovach works … Read more

Verizon Customers May Receive Compensation in $100 Million Class Action Settlement

Hackensack, New Jersey – Verizon customers in the United States could be entitled to a share of a proposed $100 million class action settlement. The lawsuit, filed in New Jersey, alleges that customers were unfairly and deceptively charged undisclosed administration fees as part of their monthly plans. Eligible customers who were affected by these charges between January 2016 and November 2023 have until April 15 to submit a claim. Verizon customers across the country should take note of this settlement and how it may impact them. The legitimacy of the Verizon class action settlement has … Read more