Attorney Reveals Crucial Oversight in Las Vegas Judge Attack Case

LAS VEGAS (AP) – An attack on Judge Mary Kay Holthus in Las Vegas could have potentially been avoided if the court had taken into consideration the assailant’s mental health history, according to a local attorney.

Deobra Redden is set to face charges, including attempted murder, when he returns to court next month. The incident occurred during a court hearing at the Regional Justice Center on January 3rd, 2024.

Attorney Dayvid Figler argues that if Redden’s mental health and cooperation with the court had been taken into account, the outcome may have been different. He believes that the court had alternative options instead of allowing Judge Holthus to proceed with Redden’s sentence hearing after the attack.

Figler expressed concern for the judge and court staff and pointed out that Redden had a significant history of mental health issues. He stated that Redden’s mental health was apparent from the beginning of his case, even before he entered Judge Holthus’ courtroom.

In the past, Redden had negotiated with prosecutors for no prison time and a reduction of his charges to a gross misdemeanor. However, the situation changed on January 3rd, leading to the attack in the courtroom.

Figler believes that Redden’s mental health was not adequately addressed during the sentencing hearing. He emphasized that the court focused solely on the charges Redden had been previously convicted of, rather than the underlying mental health issues.

The ethical implications of Judge Holthus proceeding with the sentencing despite the attack remain a complicated question. Figler wonders if another judge would have considered Redden’s behavior during the attack as a sign of mental incapacitation, prompting further evaluation.

Despite the possibility of an appeal, Redden’s prospects are uncertain. Figler explained that even if Redden were granted a new sentencing hearing, he would still face potential life imprisonment due to the new charges brought against him.

Redden is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing for his new charges on February 14th.

In summary, a local attorney argues that the attack on Judge Holthus in Las Vegas could have been prevented if the court had taken Redden’s mental health history into consideration. The court’s focus on Redden’s previous convictions, rather than addressing his mental health, raises questions about the ethical implications of continuing with the sentencing after the attack. Despite the potential for an appeal, Redden faces a severe prison sentence for the new charges.