Baltimore’s Former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Awaits Verdict in Federal Mortgage Fraud Trial That Could Change Her Life

Baltimore, Maryland – Former Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby awaits the outcome of her second federal trial, which could have significant implications for her future. Mosby gained prominence in 2015 when she became the youngest state’s attorney of a major city. Her profile rose even further when she led a controversial investigation in the case of Freddie Grey, resulting in charges against six Baltimore City police officers. Mosby now faces a federal mortgage fraud trial in Greenbelt, Maryland, after being accused of making false statements during real estate transactions in Florida.

Mosby took the stand during the trial to testify in her own defense and expressed regret for not testifying earlier. She stated that she wanted the jury to hear her truth. This trial comes after Mosby was found guilty of perjury charges in her first trial, where she falsely claimed Covid-19 hardships to withdraw funds from her deferred compensation fund.

The second trial focuses on allegations of real estate fraud related to the purchase of a house and a condominium in Florida. Prosecutors argue that Mosby lied on the mortgage applications for these properties and made several false statements, including denying tax liability. During her testimony, Mosby shared details of her rise to power as one of the youngest state’s attorneys in the nation, as well as the challenges in her marriage to City Council President Nick Mosby, who testified on her behalf during the trial.

Nick Mosby, now Marilyn’s ex-husband, admitted to lying about their tax liability and claimed to have entered an installment agreement to repay the debt. Marilyn Mosby filed for divorce in July 2023, and the process was finalized in November of the same year. In her defense, Marilyn stated that her mortgage broker completed the forms for purchasing the Florida properties and that she relied on their expertise. Supporters of Mosby from Baltimore showed up in large numbers to attend the trial, with one individual describing it as an educational experience.

The verdict for Mosby’s second trial is expected to be delivered on February 5th, and her supporters plan to be present in the courtroom. They believe it is crucial for lawyers, churches, and civic groups to observe this case and show their support. The outcome of this trial could determine the trajectory of Mosby’s life and have lasting implications on her career.