Beloved South Bend Attorney Retires After 40-Year Career, Plans to Travel, Write, and Continue Helping Others

South Bend, Indiana – After a remarkable 40-year career, prominent South Bend attorney Doug Small, a member of Foley & Small, has decided to retire. Reflecting on his longstanding journey, Small expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with wonderful colleagues and clients, adding that it was a privilege to assist a diverse range of individuals over the years.

Born in Knox, Indiana, Small attended Indiana University for both his undergraduate and law degrees, ultimately passing the bar in 1983. He initially launched his legal career at Barnes & Thornburg in South Bend before co-founding a firm with Ed Foley in 1995. Together, they have positively impacted the lives of many people within the community.

Small’s dedication to his clients’ well-being has been unwavering. He shared that in over 90% of his cases, he has voluntarily reduced his fees to ensure his clients can achieve better recoveries. It has been his commitment to always do the right thing, an ethos that has guided his practice throughout the years.

Looking forward to retirement, Small has a multitude of plans. He intends to spend quality time with his family, embark on a trip to Europe, indulge in cross-country skiing, and engage in more volunteer work. Additionally, Small, who has harbored a desire to write, intends to pursue two book ideas and hopes to find an audience for his work.

The firm, now renamed Foley and Murphy, will welcome Ed Murphy Jr., a Fort Wayne-based attorney. With a strong resolve to uphold the firm’s esteemed standards of legal representation, Murphy expressed his eagerness to continue fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in the community.

Small concludes by expressing his gratitude for the incredible journey he has had thus far and looks forward to discovering what the future holds for him. With a legacy defined by dedication and compassion, Small’s retirement marks a significant milestone in his professional career.

As South Bend attorney Doug Small, a respected member of Foley & Small, announces his retirement after a successful four-decade-long career, he reflects on the rewarding experiences, kind-hearted clientele, and fulfilling encounters that have shaped his legal journey. Passing the bar in 1983 and co-founding his firm with Ed Foley in 1995, Small’s unwavering commitment to his clients has garnered him a well-deserved reputation within the South Bend community and beyond. Now, as he embraces retirement, Small plans to dedicate his time to family, travel, volunteer work, and even writing a book. The firm, newly named Foley and Murphy, will continue their pursuit of justice under the guidance of Ed Murphy Jr. With a profound legacy left behind, Small’s retirement symbolizes the end of an era and invites anticipation for the next chapter in his life.