Columbus Gang and Murder Trial Culminates in Jury Deliberation After Three Weeks

COLUMBUS, Ga. – After nearly three weeks, a jury in the Muscogee County Superior Court is now deliberating on the Columbus gang and murder trial. Davion Dupas, Corey Troupe Jr., and Jeheim Davis are facing charges for multiple gang-related offenses and the murder of Marcel Samedi from South Carolina.

The trial concluded after prosecutors and defense attorneys presented their closing arguments on Thursday. The jury began deliberating at around 7 p.m. and requested to continue the following morning at 9 a.m. after an hour of deliberation.

Dupas, Troupe, and Davis are members of the Insane Crips, a criminal street gang in Columbus. Samedi, also a member of the same gang, was fatally shot on June 5, 2021, during an incident at Wilson Apartments involving the three co-defendants.

According to testimonies, three different groups of Insane Crips were present at Wilson Apartments to settle a dispute. Prosecutor Thomas Kegley emphasized the importance of focusing on the three defendants rather than other individuals associated with the gang.

Gang members Elysia Cooley and Michael Barker, who were present at the scene of the shooting, testified against the three co-defendants. Kegley reminded the jury that the trial revolved around Davis, Troupe, and Dupas, pointing to them sitting at the defense table.

Defense attorney Shawn Hoover questioned the credibility of Cooley’s testimony, suggesting that she had a motive to lie in order to avoid prison. Hoover referenced Cooley’s multiple statements to different officers, highlighting inconsistencies in her accounts.

As the jury continues to deliberate, the trial highlights the allegations surrounding criminal street gang activity and the specific role of the three defendants in the shooting death of Samedi.

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