Concordia Parish Police Jury Extends Partnership with Department of Veterans Affairs to Support Local Veterans

Vidalia, Louisiana – The Concordia Parish Police Jury unanimously voted on Monday to renew its cooperative agreement with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs. The agreement, which amounts to just under $15,000, aims to provide services to 953 veterans and their families residing in the parish. Over the course of one year, the parish will pay LDVA $14,534 in monthly payments of $1,211. These funds will cover approximately 27.85% of various expenses, including salaries, travel, supplies, postage, equipment maintenance, telephone, and internet services.

The collaboration between the police jury and LDVA has proven to be beneficial for the parish. Thanks to the assistance of LDVA’s Veteran’s Assistance Counselors, the parish has received a substantial amount of compensation and pension benefits totaling more than $7,292,000 from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Regional Director Earnest Buckner Jr. expressed his gratitude for the support provided by the police jury in a letter to the police jurors.

During a meeting held on February 12, District 1B Police Juror Wilbert Washington proposed tabling the decision to approve the cooperative endeavor until further information on payment details could be gathered. District 4A Police Juror Genesia Allen supported the motion, which was unanimously passed by the jury. However, during the recent meeting on Monday, Washington motioned to un-table the matter and proceed with accepting the agreement without any further discussion. The motion was approved unanimously.

In addition to the cooperative agreement, the Concordia Parish Police Jury addressed other issues during the meeting. They granted authorization to Police Jury President Collin Edwards to execute Cross-Cutting Federal Authorities for the Concordia Parish Sewer District to secure a loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. This loan will aid in the improvement of sewer treatment facilities, including the construction of a facultative lagoon system and various associated components, with a total funding of $500,000.

The police jury also unanimously chose Silas Simmons to commence the 2023-24 audit. Furthermore, they discussed work orders related to the road superintendent responsible for maintaining the parish’s roads.

It is clear that the continued partnership between the Concordia Parish Police Jury and the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs will provide crucial support for local veterans and their families. The significant amount of compensation and pension benefits received thus far highlights the effectiveness of this collaboration. Additionally, the decisions made during the meeting demonstrate the police jury’s commitment to improving infrastructure and addressing the needs of the community in a thoughtful and unanimous manner.