Conrado Tenaglia Emerges as International Lawyer of the Year, Garnering Top Honors from Latin Lawyer

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Conrado Tenaglia, co-chair of Linklaters’ Latin America practice group, has been named the International Lawyer of the Year by Latin Lawyer. This prestigious award recognizes Tenaglia’s outstanding contributions and expertise in the legal field.

With his extensive experience and deep understanding of the Latin American market, Tenaglia has played a crucial role in advising clients on complex legal matters. As co-chair of Linklaters’ Latin America practice group, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to delivering high-quality legal services to clients.

Tenaglia’s expertise covers a wide range of areas, including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and project finance. His exceptional skills have made him a trusted advisor to both domestic and international clients, who seek his guidance in navigating the complexities of the Latin American legal landscape.

In addition to his professional achievements, Tenaglia is known for his commitment to pro bono work and social justice causes. He has been actively involved in providing legal assistance to underprivileged communities and advocating for equal access to justice.

Throughout his career, Tenaglia has built a reputation for his exceptional legal knowledge, strategic thinking, and client-centric approach. His contributions have not only earned him this prestigious recognition but have also helped shape the legal landscape in Latin America.

With this well-deserved honor, Tenaglia joins the ranks of other esteemed legal professionals who have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field. His accomplishments serve as an inspiration to fellow lawyers and reaffirm the importance of dedication and excellence in the legal profession.

As Latin Lawyer’s International Lawyer of the Year, Tenaglia continues to showcase his expertise and make a significant impact in the legal realm. His dedication to providing excellent legal services and his commitment to social justice make him a true asset to the legal community.