Elderly Woman Found Guilty in Fatal Stabbing Outside Lower Merion Bar

A 70-year-old woman in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania will soon face a prison sentence after being found guilty of murder. Renee DiPietro was convicted of third-degree murder for fatally stabbing a 31-year-old man, Michael Thomas Sides, outside a bar in June 2022. The verdict was reached by a jury after five hours of deliberation.

According to Montgomery County prosecutors, DiPietro involved herself in a fight between Sides and her son at John Henry’s Pub of Ardmore. DiPietro claimed that she acted in self-defense. Following the stabbing, DiPietro and her relatives fled the scene.

The incident occurred on June 10, 2023, when Lower Merion Police responded to Cricket Avenue and Cricket Terrace. They found Sides suffering from stab wounds to his upper torso, and he later passed away at the hospital. An autopsy confirmed that Sides died from a single stab wound to the chest.

The altercation leading up to the stabbing began when a relative of DiPietro’s allegedly assaulted one of Sides’ friends. Sides, expressing his intention to confront DiPietro’s relative about the incident, confronted them as they tried to get into a car. A fight broke out, and it was at this point that DiPietro exited the vehicle and stabbed Sides with a 16-inch blade concealed in her cane.

After the jury verdict, DiPietro expressed regret for her actions, stating that it was wrong. She questioned what others would have done if it were their child involved in the fight.

This case highlights the tragic consequences of a bar fight that escalated to a fatal stabbing. The prosecution argued that DiPietro unnecessarily inserted herself into the altercation, leading to the tragic outcome. DiPietro’s claim of self-defense was ultimately not accepted by the jury.

Moving forward, DiPietro’s sentencing will determine the length of time she will spend in prison for her role in Sides’ death. As the legal process unfolds, the impact of this incident on the affected families and the local community will continue to be felt.