Election Integrity Under Scrutiny: Rare Insights from J. Christian Adams on High-Stakes Legal Battles

Albany, NY – In a recent episode of “The Joe Kelley Show” podcast, J. Christian Adams, an attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, sheds light on the intricate web of election integrity in the United States. Adams, representing the only law firm exclusively focused on election law in the country, provides a rare insider perspective on the high-stakes legal battles that could shape the future of American democracy.

From the breadth of Alaska to the historical landscapes of Maine, the Public Interest Legal Foundation tirelessly litigates cases to uphold the rule of law. Adams delves into a Supreme Court case that holds the potential to transform the electoral landscape—efforts to remove former President Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot on the grounds that the 14th Amendment prohibits “insurrectionists” from running for office.

Adams argues that this interpretation of the 14th Amendment is not only incorrect, but the act of removing a candidate from the ballot undermines the foundations of constitutional democracy. He emphasizes the importance of every candidate being allowed to appear on the ballot, stating that anything less would render the elections unfair.

As the discussion reaches its climax, the question arises: Was the 2020 election stolen? Adams asserts that the law was not followed, highlighting this as the true theft—not in the number of ballots cast, but in the systematic collapse of the rule of law.

The palpable distrust in the fairness of the upcoming 2024 elections, as echoed by a recent Suffolk University and USA Today survey, becomes a focal point. Adams attributes this lack of trust to the disregard for established law in the previous presidential election. He likens it to changing the rules of a game mid-play, undermining the principle of fairness that America stands for.

This episode of “The Joe Kelley Show” podcast goes beyond legal analysis; it serves as a call to action for all Americans who value the sanctity of the vote and the importance of a fair electoral system. Adams urges listeners to understand the gravity of the challenges we face and the imperative to restore integrity to our elections.

In conclusion, J. Christian Adams, attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, provides an insider’s perspective on the legal battles surrounding election integrity in the United States. From the fight to keep candidates on the ballot to addressing the doubts surrounding the 2020 election, Adams emphasizes the need to uphold the rule of law to ensure fairness in future elections. These discussions serve as a crucial reminder of the importance of maintaining the integrity of democratic processes in the United States.