Emmy-Nominated Shows to Binge Before the Awards: From Comedy to Drama, Here Are 7 Must-Watch Contenders

Sydney, Australia – As the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards approach, there are several Emmy-nominated shows worth watching. From the intense revenge comedy “Beef” to the mind-bending pranks of “Jury Duty,” here are some binge-worthy contenders to keep you entertained in the lead-up to the awards.

“Beef,” available on Netflix, stands out as an outstanding limited or anthology series. The show follows Danny and Amy, whose encounter in a Los Angeles car park leads to a spiraling chain of events. Based on a true incident, this tense comedy keeps viewers guessing until the end.

For a dose of comedy, check out “Jury Duty” on Amazon Prime Video. This outstanding comedy series tells the story of Ronald Gladden, who unwittingly becomes part of an experimental TV documentary. With everyone around him being an actor, Ronald’s reactions to the bizarre scenarios make for a hilarious watch.

If you’re a fan of gripping dramas, “The Last of Us” is a must-see. Pedro Pascal’s outstanding lead performance drives this emotionally raw series, based on the popular video game franchise. The show follows Joel, a grieving father who embarks on a dangerous journey with snarky teenager Ellie, facing threats in a post-apocalyptic world.

“Poker Face” on Stan* combines mystery-solving with a thrilling casino backdrop. Natasha Lyonne shines as Charlie Cale, using her sharp detective skills to uncover the truth while evading a casino boss. With each episode set in a new location and featuring a different supporting cast, this series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

For fans of survival dramas, “Yellowjackets” on Paramount+ (season 1 & 2) or Netflix (season 1) delivers a hair-raising tale. After a plane crash leaves a girls’ soccer team stranded in the Canadian wilderness, their humanity is tested. Reminiscent of “Lost,” this non-linear series explores the dark side of human nature.

“The Bear” on Disney+ stands out as an outstanding comedy series, rich with chaotic family dynamics. Following the journey of Carmy as he revives a Chicago diner, this show offers a mix of brilliant food and emotional turmoil. With a star-studded cast and four awards already under its belt, “The Bear” is a true gem.

Finally, “Fleishman is in Trouble” on Disney+ presents an outstanding lead performance by Lizzy Caplan. Based on the book by Taffy Brodesser-Akner, this series delves into the troubles of Dr. Toby Fleishman as he navigates a failed marriage. With a thought-provoking narrative, it’s a hidden gem that deserves recognition.

All of these shows offer compelling stories, exceptional performances, and a range of genres to suit different tastes. Tune in to the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards on January 16 to see if any of these outstanding shows take home the prestigious awards.

*Stan is owned by Nine, which also owns this masthead.