Farming While Black Wins Best of the Festival and John de Graaf Environmental Award: A Powerful Film of Environmental Activism and Hope

Nevada City, California – The 2024 Wild and Scenic Film Festival recently awarded top honors to several outstanding films. One of the most notable winners was “Farming While Black,” which received both the Best of the Festival award and the John de Graaf Environmental Award. This film stood out for its powerful combination of environmental activism, a compelling storyline, a message of hope, and effective filmmaking.

Another film that caught the attention of the festival judges was “4DWN”, which won the Best in Theme category. This award recognizes films that best represent the festival’s theme of REEL ACTION, which aims to inspire activism and call audiences to action. “4DWN” exemplified this theme by highlighting pressing environmental problems and showcasing initiatives that can make a positive impact on the natural world and communities globally.

The Spirit of Activism award went to “Patrol,” a film that embodies the core values of the festival and the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), the organization behind the event. “Patrol” showcases individuals who are making a difference by speaking truth to power and striving to create positive change.

In addition to the top award winners, several other films received recognition. “Soundscape” was named the Most Inspiring Adventure Film, while “Paddle Tribal Waters” was honored as the Best “Short Short” film. The Jury Award was presented to “Jo Jo A Toad Musical” and “Kelp,” with Honorable Mentions going to “Toxic Art” and “With The Tide.” The Szabo Award, which celebrates films that highlight regenerative practices, was given to “Groundwork: A Family Journey into Regenerative Cotton.” The Student Filmmaker Award went to “Spear, Spatula, Submarine.”

Overall, the 2024 Wild and Scenic Film Festival showcased a diverse range of films that captured the spirit of activism and highlighted important environmental issues. These films serve as a call to action, inspiring audiences to get involved and make a difference in the world.