Father on Trial for heinous murder and disposal of 5-year-old daughter’s body

Concord, New Hampshire – A New Hampshire man is currently on trial for the brutal murder of his five-year-old daughter, Harmony Montgomery. Prosecutors allege that Adam Montgomery, 34, not only beat the young girl to death but also took several months to dispose of her body in various locations. Meanwhile, Montgomery’s defense attorney maintains his client’s innocence, stating that the last person to see Harmony alive, Montgomery’s estranged wife, has refused to provide any information regarding the case.

Montgomery pleaded not guilty in 2022 to charges of second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, falsifying physical evidence, assault, and witness tampering. According to the police, Harmony was reported missing in December 2021, although she was last seen in 2019. Police later discovered that Harmony had been killed on December 7, 2019, based on interviews with Montgomery’s wife. During the time Harmony was declared missing, her photos circulated widely on social media.

Adam Montgomery chose not to attend the opening statements of his trial. However, the day prior, during a teleconference from jail, Montgomery admitted guilt on charges of falsifying physical evidence and abusing a corpse. In a previous unrelated case, he had claimed that he did not kill his daughter.

Harmony was born in 2014 in Massachusetts to parents who were no longer together. She lived intermittently with foster parents and her mother, Crystal Sorey. At the trial, Sorey testified that, as a recovering drug addict, she was in a difficult situation at the time. Despite being born blind in one eye, Harmony thrived and was described as an amazing, rambunctious, and intelligent child. After a custody battle, Adam eventually gained custody of Harmony in February 2019.

Sorey stated that she last saw Harmony online in April 2019, and Adam did not respond to subsequent visitation requests. It wasn’t until 2021 that Sorey contacted the police. Adam and Harmony Montgomery resided in Manchester, New Hampshire, along with Adam’s wife, Kayla, and their two younger children. Kevin Montgomery, Adam’s uncle, also lived in the same house. According to Kevin Montgomery’s testimony, he witnessed Harmony with a black eye after returning from a trip in July 2019. Adam confessed to having “bashed her around the house” after witnessing her place her hands over one of his sons’ mouths.

Following the incident, Kevin Montgomery moved out and contacted numerous family members, Sorey, and the state Division for Children, Youth, and Families seeking help for Harmony. A child protective services worker even visited the home in July after receiving an anonymous report. However, the worker only caught a fleeting glimpse of Harmony getting into a car with her father. During a longer visit in August, another worker, Demetrios Tsaros, noticed a small red mark under Harmony’s eye. Adam claimed it was caused by a foam sword during play. Tsaros tried to reach Sorey the following year but only left a message on her cellphone.

Ten days before Harmony’s death, the Montgomery family was evicted from their home and forced to live in their car, according to prosecutor Christopher Knowles. He stated that Harmony was visibly different during this period, showing signs of being thin, bruised, and having frequent bathroom accidents. Knowles alleges that every time Harmony had an accident, her father would strike her.

On the day Harmony died, Knowles claims that Adam Montgomery repeatedly punched her in the car after two accidents. Knowles further alleges that Adam ordered food at a fast-food restaurant and consumed drugs while Harmony moaned in the backseat. Later in the day, their car broke down, and Adam and Kayla Montgomery discovered that Harmony had died. Adam then placed her body in a duffel bag and moved it around to various locations over the next few months.

According to Knowles, Adam took multiple steps to break down and dispose of Harmony’s remains, including purchasing a saw, blades, and lime. He even rented a moving truck in March 2020, with toll data confirming its presence on the Tobin Bridge in Boston. Knowles argues that Adam believed that by eliminating Harmony’s body, he could avoid any evidence of his heinous actions.

Throughout this time, Adam suspected that Kayla was cooperating with the police, leading him to physically assault her, alleges Knowles. Kayla, who is currently serving an 18-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to perjury charges, is expected to testify against Adam. She informed the police that she became afraid of Adam and was unable to prevent him from harming Harmony in the car.

However, Adam’s defense attorney, James Brooks, has accused Kayla of lying to protect herself. During the opening statements, Brooks presented a note found in Kayla’s jail cell, indicating her willingness to betray Adam for a favorable deal with prosecutors. The note also alluded to her desire to share one more intimate moment with Adam. Brooks highlighted inconsistencies in Kayla’s account of the events surrounding Harmony’s death and claimed that the young girl had died the night before Kayla claims and was already in the trunk of their car.

The trial is expected to continue for the rest of the month. If convicted, Adam Montgomery, who was previously sentenced to a minimum of 32 and a half years in prison on gun charges, could potentially face life imprisonment for second-degree murder.