Former Edmonton Lawyer Who Killed Teenage Girl in Drunk Driving Incident Officially Disbarred

Edmonton, Alberta – A former corporate lawyer, Shane Stevenson, has been disbarred after causing the death of a teenage girl in a drunk driving incident. The Law Society of Alberta announced on Tuesday that it has accepted Stevenson’s resignation. Stevenson, who previously worked as an energy lawyer at global law firm Dentons, had not practiced law since April 2018 when he fatally struck 16-year-old Chloe Wiwchar while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Stevenson’s resignation came as he was facing a law society disciplinary hearing following a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for drunk driving causing death. His membership with the law society had been suspended after pleading guilty in 2020.

The mother of the victim, Holly Lucier, expressed relief at Stevenson’s resignation, stating that the lengthy hearing process would have been difficult for her family. Lucier emphasized the lasting impact of Stevenson’s actions, stating, “He will always be the man who left my child to die and I will never forget that.”

The incident occurred when Stevenson was driving his F-150 on Kingsway after consuming alcohol at a nearby bar. Wiwchar was crossing the road at a marked crosswalk when she was struck, causing her to be thrown 26 meters. Stevenson continued driving for three more kilometers before being apprehended by the police. His blood-alcohol level was found to be more than double the legal limit.

Although Stevenson had no previous criminal record, he admitted to authorities that he had a history of driving impaired, having been cited for drunk driving incidents in 2009 and 2017. In addition to his prison sentence, he also received a five-year driving prohibition.

Prior to his resignation, Stevenson had been denied parole twice but was later granted statutory release in early 2023. The parole board had expressed concerns about his likelihood of reoffending, particularly due to his risky behavior while on bail, including fathering a child with a woman who was not his wife.

During a law society hearing, it was determined that Stevenson’s suspended practice had been properly concluded. The law society endorsed a joint submission allowing Stevenson to resign without any costs payable to the society, noting that his client files and trust accounts had already been relocated or closed by Dentons.

Lucier hopes that Stevenson will find healing in his life and that her daughter’s life can serve as a catalyst for positive change. She also expressed a desire for all families involved to have the opportunity to heal.

In summary, the former corporate lawyer Shane Stevenson has been disbarred by the Law Society of Alberta following his conviction for killing a teenage girl while driving under the influence. Stevenson had resigned from his position at Dentons and had his law society membership suspended. The victim’s mother, Holly Lucier, expressed relief at the resignation but emphasized the lasting impact of Stevenson’s actions. The incident occurred when Stevenson struck the victim, Chloe Wiwchar, with his vehicle while she was crossing the road. Stevenson’s blood-alcohol level was found to be significantly above the legal limit. Despite his lack of prior criminal record, Stevenson admitted to a history of impaired driving. He had been denied parole twice before being granted statutory release. The law society determined that Stevenson’s suspended practice had been properly concluded, allowing him to resign without further costs. Lucier hopes for healing and closure for all families involved.