Former Mr. Universe Found Guilty of Domestic Abuse After Retrial, Victim Forced to Sleep in Shed

Rockford, Illinois – Jeffrey Primm, 66, has been found guilty in a retrial for a domestic abuse case dating back to August 2015. Primm was initially sentenced to 16 years in prison in December 2018, but appealed the case, citing inadequate legal representation. The original guilty verdict and plea were subsequently overturned in 2020, leading to the reinstatement of charges against Primm.

In 2019, Primm’s public defender withdrew from the case due to a conflict of interest. The investigation by Rockford Police Detectives began in 2015 after a victim came forward with multiple complaints of abuse, both towards herself and two children, spanning back to 2013. The victim detailed incidents of physical violence, including being beaten with objects, kicked, punched, slapped, threatened, and strangled by Primm. Additionally, she was forced to sleep without clothing or blankets in an unheated shed in the backyard, only able to hide and smuggle in minimal provisions.

Primm’s retrial resulted in convictions on four counts of Aggravated Domestic Battery, Aggravated Battery, Unlawful Restraint, and two counts of Domestic Battery. He is scheduled to receive his sentencing on March 1st, 2024.

Apart from being on trial for domestic abuse, Primm is best known as the 1999 Mr. Universe and holds 7 bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Illinois, Mr. World, Mr. USA, and Mr. America. He operated the Primm and Proper Gym located at 6122 Mulford Village Drive.

In light of the retrial and subsequent guilty verdict, Primm’s case serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address and combat domestic abuse. The conviction highlights the seriousness of the charges and the justice system’s commitment to holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. The victim’s bravery in coming forward and the thorough investigative work by law enforcement played crucial roles in ensuring justice was served in this case.