Giuliani’s Defamation Case Reaches Verdict: Jury Awards $148 Million

New York City, NY – Former New York City mayor and personal attorney to former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, has been hit with a staggering $148 million verdict in a defamation case filed by two election workers. The jury reached the verdict after deliberating on the amount of damages to be awarded to the plaintiffs, Jennifer Freeman and her daughter Laura Moss.

Throughout the trial, Giuliani maintained his comments made in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election were “supportable.” However, the jury found otherwise and held him accountable for the false claims he made about Freeman and Moss. In response to the verdict, Giuliani called the amount awarded to the plaintiffs an “absurdity” and expressed his intention to appeal.

During the trial, Freeman and Moss expressed their gratitude for the verdict, but also spoke about the impact Giuliani’s false claims had on their lives. They described how the lies spread by Giuliani had affected their homes, families, work, sense of safety, and mental health. Freeman emphasized that their greatest wish was for no election worker to ever go through what they experienced.

Giuliani, who did not look up from his iPad when the verdict was read, stated outside the courthouse that he plans to appeal the decision. He claimed that once his case reaches a “fair tribunal,” the verdict will be reversed. When asked why he did not testify in his own defense, Giuliani cited concerns over the judge potentially holding him in contempt or jail.

The jury award to Freeman and Moss included $20 million each for emotional distress, as well as $75 million in punitive damages. Their attorney had asked the jurors for a minimum verdict of $24 million each. Giuliani’s attorney, on the other hand, did not recommend a specific figure but suggested it should be less than what the plaintiffs sought.

In conclusion, Giuliani has been hit with a $148 million verdict in the defamation case brought forth by Jennifer Freeman and Laura Moss, both election workers. The jury found Giuliani’s comments about the plaintiffs to be false and awarded substantial damages. Giuliani plans to appeal the judgment, expressing his disagreement with the amount awarded. Nonetheless, the verdict stands as a significant legal blow to the former mayor and renowned attorney.