Indictment: Suspect Faces Serious Charges for Fleeing with Runaway Girl in High-Speed Chase

JEFFERSON COUNTY, TEXAS – A 22-year-old suspect has been indicted by a grand jury for evading officers while having a runaway juvenile girl in the passenger’s seat. Nicholas Barton of Beaumont now faces a charge of Evading Arrest or Detention With a Motor Vehicle, a third-degree felony. If convicted, he could potentially receive a prison sentence of 2-10 years and a fine of up to $10,000.

The incident began on December 12 when Nederland police received a report that a 16-year-old runaway girl was seen leaving her home with Barton, as captured by a doorbell camera. Following this tip, Beaumont police conducted surveillance on Barton’s residence and observed the suspect leaving with the young girl.

Barton, attempting to escape, fled in his pickup truck despite the presence of sirens and flashing lights from pursuing officers. The pursuit came to an end on West Cardinal Drive when Barton finally surrendered. The minor girl was identified in the passenger’s seat, leading to Barton’s arrest for evading arrest and harboring a runaway.

These charges were later presented to the Jefferson County grand jury, resulting in the indictment against Barton. The severity of the charge highlights the potential consequences he may face if found guilty.

In conclusion, a grand jury in Jefferson County has indicted Nicholas Barton for evading officers while in possession of a runaway minor. The charges carry serious penalties, including a prison sentence and significant fines. The incident serves as a reminder of the legal ramifications for such actions and the importance of upholding the law.