Indonesian MBA Student Explores the Richness of UK Culture and Overcomes Challenges to Adapt

Jakarta, Indonesia – A student from Jakarta, Indonesia, shares his enriching experience of studying business in the United Kingdom. The student, who is currently a Country Growth Manager at Jiva Agriculture, highlights the immersive working and studying environment in Cambridge that blends rich history with a passion for future innovation. The student also appreciates the opportunity to adapt to a different working and studying culture, broadening his perspective on important business leadership issues.

One of the most rewarding aspects of studying in the UK, according to the student, is the diverse network of people he has encountered. The multicultural environment has allowed him to build connections with amazing individuals from all over the world, enhancing his overall experience at Cambridge.

In addition to academic pursuits, the student emphasizes the importance of exploring other opportunities in the UK to further enrich oneself. As an art enthusiast, he has taken full advantage of the country’s abundance of museums and theaters, immersing himself in the vibrant cultural scene.

However, the transition to living in the United Kingdom has not been without its challenges. Coming from a tropical country, the student had to adjust to the significantly different climate, particularly the shorter daylight hours. To overcome this difficulty, the student modified his sleeping and waking schedule and invested in a lamp that simulates sunlight on darker days.

When it comes to adapting to a new life in a new country, the student commends the support provided by two key services at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Career Services team offers workshops and industry events to help students navigate their post-MBA career paths, while the counseling service provides a valuable outlet for managing the stresses of studying abroad.

The student also points out an interesting cultural nuance he has noticed in the UK – the abundance of pubs. Coming from a country where rugby is not widely known, it intrigued him to see the excitement surrounding the Rugby World Cup in local pubs.

Regarding future plans, the student reveals that obtaining a visa to work in the United Kingdom is one of the options he is considering. He highlights the Graduate Visa scheme, which allows graduates to stay in the UK for up to three years while seeking employment. However, he advises staying informed about the UK government’s immigration policy, as it is subject to change.

To foster friendships with fellow international students, the student suggests engaging in food exchange, where individuals share dishes from their respective countries. These interactions have provided him with memorable experiences and a deeper understanding of different cultures.

In closing, the student offers advice to international students considering a graduate business program in the UK. He emphasizes the need to prioritize goals and master time-management skills, as the condensed timeframe of these programs requires efficient use of one’s time. With careful prioritization, students can make the most of their MBA experience and seize the opportunities that align with their objectives.