Is Bernard’s Time-Checking Request Tipping into Laziness? Sarah’s Frustrations Unveiled

LONDON, UK – In a peculiar case of dependency, a woman named Sarah has grown increasingly frustrated with her boyfriend, Bernard, for constantly asking her the time. The situation became even more exasperating for Sarah when she realized that Bernard had access to multiple clocks but still relied on her for the time. Despite having his wrist healed and carrying a watch in his pocket, Bernard seems to prefer pestering Sarah rather than checking the time himself.

Sarah, who recently helped Bernard with everyday tasks while his wrist was broken, is baffled by his behavior. She wonders why he can’t simply look at a clock like everyone else. Bernard, on the other hand, defends himself by claiming that he became accustomed to relying on Sarah during his time of need and finds it easier to ask her for the time rather than taking the minimal effort to check it himself.

This pattern of dependency extends beyond just asking for the time. Bernard often bombards Sarah with questions, sometimes forgetting that she is not a walking encyclopedia. He seems to assume that Sarah always has the answer to every inquiry and treats her like a search engine. Sarah finds this behavior frustrating and likened it to being treated like his mother.

Now that Bernard’s wrist has healed, Sarah hopes that he will start to take responsibility for checking the time himself. She believes that by ceasing to rely on her, they will have more meaningful opportunities to connect as a couple. However, Bernard acknowledges that he had been overly dependent on Sarah and is willing to change his behavior.

Opinions from a jury of Guardian readers are divided. Some feel that Bernard’s constant requests for the time border on laziness and that he should start checking it himself. Others empathize with Sarah’s frustration and suggest that Bernard’s behavior is symbolic of a deeper issue of dependency within their relationship.

In an online poll, readers are asked whether Bernard should stop bothering Sarah with his time requests. The poll will close on Thursday, January 25th at 10am GMT.

The case of Bernard and Sarah raises questions about personal responsibility and the boundaries of dependency within relationships. As they navigate this issue, it remains to be seen how Bernard and Sarah will find a balance that respects both their autonomy and their connection as a couple.