Jeff Davis Parish Approves 12 Enterprise Zones and Implements 2 New Taxing Districts to Boost Economic Growth

WELSH, Louisiana – The Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury has unanimously approved the establishment of 12 enterprise zones in the parish, aimed at attracting businesses and fostering economic growth. Additionally, the police jury has created two new taxing districts along Interstate 10 to further spur development in the region.

The enterprise zones will provide state tax credits to qualifying businesses in Lake Arthur, Welsh, and most of Jennings to Silverwood. These tax credits serve as incentives for businesses to create permanent and new full-time jobs, with a requirement to hire at least 50% of those jobs from specific target groups. These groups include residents living within an enterprise zone, individuals receiving approved forms of public assistance, and people lacking basic skills.

Creed Romano, the Jeff Davis Parish Economic Development Director, emphasized the importance of the enterprise zones in attracting businesses to the designated areas. The zones were determined based on data from the U.S. Census, and the state program aims to incentivize companies to hire local residents.

In addition to the enterprise zones, the police jury has established two economic development districts in the Iowa-Lacassine and Roanoke areas. The creation of these districts enables the collection of a new 2% sales tax on goods and services sold within their boundaries. The revenue generated from these sales taxes will be used by the police jury to fund infrastructure improvements along Interstate 10, with the goal of stimulating economic growth.

It is worth noting that voter approval is not required for the collection of these additional sales taxes as the districts’ boundaries do not include any registered voters. Similar districts were created in Jennings and Welsh last year, allowing the municipalities to collect additional sales taxes for dedicated purposes such as infrastructure improvements.

The approval of these enterprise zones and economic development districts is expected to attract businesses, create job opportunities for local residents, and contribute to the overall economic development of Jeff Davis Parish.

In conclusion, the Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury has given the go-ahead for the establishment of 12 enterprise zones and the creation of two new taxing districts along Interstate 10. These initiatives aim to incentivize businesses, create job opportunities, and pave the way for economic growth in the parish.