Jury Awards $2.8 Million to New Brunswick Man Injured in Rear-End Car Crash

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A Middlesex County jury has awarded a New Brunswick man $2.8 million in damages for injuries sustained in a rear-end collision. The verdict in the case of Cano-Amparo v. Ji was reached on August 11 and includes compensation for pain and suffering, disability, impairment, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The incident occurred on October 16, 2018, when Jesus Cano-Amparo, then 19 years old, was driving south on Route 27 near Bennetts Lane in Franklin Township. Cano-Amparo was slowing down for a traffic signal when his vehicle was struck from behind by a car driven by Sungchul Ji. The impact was forceful enough to push Cano-Amparo’s vehicle into the car ahead of him. According to court documents, Cano-Amparo sustained herniated discs in his lower back and underwent invasive injections for pain management.

Prior to the accident, Cano-Amparo worked at a warehouse but was unable to continue in that job due to his injuries. He subsequently switched to a truck driver position. In the lawsuit, Cano-Amparo sued Ji for damages. Cano-Amparo’s lawyer, Eugene Wishnic, entered an offer of judgment for $70,000, which the defendant declined.

During the trial, Ji stipulated to liability, and the damages trial was held before Judge Alberto Rivas in Middlesex County Superior Court. The jury sided with Cano-Amparo, awarding him the $2.8 million verdict.

Wishnic, on behalf of Cano-Amparo, has filed a motion for a total judgment of $3.39 million. This includes legal fees, expenses, and interest based on the defendant’s refusal to accept the initial $70,000 offer. Ji’s lawyer, Stephen Czeslowski, did not respond to requests for comment on the case.

In a separate case, a construction worker who suffered a fall settled his suit for $1.95 million. Camilo Polanco fell approximately 15 feet from a window while working in a building in Weehawken on May 22, 2017. He sued Tuli Realty LLC, the alleged general contractor, for negligence in providing a safe workplace.

According to Polanco’s counsel, Tuli Realty failed to enforce safety measures at the construction site. Polanco suffered multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, fractures to his skull and left clavicle, and a punctured lung. His condition necessitated hospitalization and ongoing medical treatment.

Polanco’s experts claimed that he had permanent injuries and relied heavily on assistance from family members for daily activities. Despite this, the defense’s neurology and orthopedic surgery experts reported that Polanco had achieved a good recovery.

After negotiations, Tuli Realty’s primary insurer tendered its policy worth $1 million, with its excess insurer agreeing to pay an additional $950,000. Polanco was represented by Michael A. Gallardo and John Ratkowitz, while Tuli Realty was represented by Michael J. Dunn.

These cases highlight the significant impact of personal injury and workplace accidents on individuals’ lives. The awarded damages aim to provide compensation for the victims’ pain, suffering, and loss.