Lawyer Buys Dawood Ibrahim’s Plot for Rs 2 Crore to Build Sanatan School

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI – A lawyer who recently purchased a plot owned by notorious underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim in Maharashtra intends to build a Sanatan school at the location. Ajay Srivastava, a former leader of the political party Shiv Sena, bought the plot for a staggering Rs 2 crore. Srivastava cited numerology as the reason for paying such a hefty amount, explaining that the survey number and purchase price align with a favorable figure according to his beliefs.

This is not Srivastava’s first acquisition of Dawood Ibrahim’s properties. He had previously purchased three other properties, including the terrorist’s childhood home in the same village. In 2020, he also bought Dawood’s childhood home in Mumbake village, where the terrorist was born. However, there have been some document discrepancies delaying the completion of the purchase.

Srivastava expressed his plans to establish a Sanatan school on the newly acquired plot, alongside the existing Sanatan Dharm Pathshala Trust. He aims to start the school once the necessary conversions and registrations are completed.

The auction for four of Dawood Ibrahim’s properties concluded yesterday. While the two larger land parcels did not attract any bids, a 1,730 sq m plot with a reserve price of Rs 1.56 lakh was sold for Rs 3.28 lakh. The smallest land parcel, measuring 170.98 sq m and with a reserve price of Rs 15,440, was purchased by Srivastava for Rs 2.01 crore.

Srivastava’s endeavors demonstrate his commitment to his religious beliefs and his interest in acquiring properties associated with Dawood Ibrahim. Despite the controversies surrounding the terrorist, Srivastava remains focused on developing educational institutions rooted in his Sanatan faith.

In conclusion, the lawyer’s recent acquisition of Dawood Ibrahim’s plot in Maharashtra for a Sanatan school reflects his faith-driven motivations and commitment to expanding educational facilities aligned with his religious beliefs. The auction of four of Dawood Ibrahim’s properties concluded, with Srivastava emerging as the sole buyer, further solidifying his unique connection to the underworld figure’s real estate.