LG and Kenmore Refrigerator Owners Sue Over Premature Compressor Failures, Demand Extended Warranties and Refunds

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Customers across the United States are reporting widespread issues with LG and Kenmore refrigerators. Complaints have flooded in from homeowners who are struggling to get their fridges repaired or replaced due to compressor failures. Many frustrated customers have taken their concerns to court, with a new lawsuit targeting LG for fraud. The lawsuit alleges that the linear compressor used in LG and some Kenmore refrigerators falls far short of its advertised 10- to 20-year durability. Attorney Azar Mouzari, who represents the plaintiffs, believes that the problem extends nationwide, potentially affecting thousands of families.

Several customers have shared their experiences, recounting multiple repair visits and extended periods without a working refrigerator. Betsy Anderson, a homeowner, has had two refrigerators, both with LG compressors, fail in just a few years. She decided to take matters into her own hands and purchased a new fridge rather than go through the frustrating warranty service process.

Attorney Azar Mouzari is leading the lawsuit against LG and has requested that it be treated as a class action lawsuit. She claims that LG is aware of the frequent breakdowns occurring in their linear compressors yet fails to acknowledge the issue. As evidence, Mouzari points to LG’s previous litigation over compressor failures and settlement of a class action lawsuit in 2020. The current lawsuit seeks to hold LG accountable for fraudulently selling refrigerators with a significantly shorter lifespan than advertised.

The lawsuit has gained traction, attracting 102 plaintiffs who are seeking extended warranties and refunds for their faulty LG or Kenmore refrigerators. Mouzari argues that LG should take responsibility for their refrigerators’ shortcomings by implementing a recall, similar to how automakers handle defective products. However, LG has chosen not to comment on the pending litigation.

Kenmore, which sold refrigerators with LG compressors in the past, has stated that it no longer offers models with those compressors. While the lawsuit against LG is ongoing, affected customers who bought an LG or Kenmore refrigerator after 2018 can find more information and join the lawsuit through the attorney’s website.

Frustrated customers like Betsy Anderson hope that the lawsuit will compel LG to address the issue promptly and provide appropriate compensation to affected individuals. Anderson suggests that LG should follow the example set by automakers by initiating a recall campaign.

As this legal battle moves forward, it remains to be seen whether LG will be held accountable for the alleged fraudulent sale of refrigerators with substandard compressors. In the meantime, homeowners across the country continue to struggle with their faulty appliances and seek a resolution to their refrigeration woes.