Lizzo’s Controversial Appearance at the 2024 Grammys Leaves Fans Baffled

LOS ANGELES – Fans were left puzzled as to why Lizzo made an appearance at the 2024 Grammys, considering she is currently facing sexual harassment lawsuits from her former dancers. The singer took the stage at the Arena on Sunday to present the award for Best R&B Song to SZA for her track, “Snooze.”

In her introduction, Lizzo mentioned the great artists who have won Grammy Awards throughout the years, but viewers at home expressed confusion over her presence at the star-studded event amidst the ongoing controversy. Many took to Twitter to question why Lizzo was allowed to present at the Grammys while facing these accusations.

One viewer tweeted, “Lizzo still able to present awards when she was out here wildin is crazy,” while another joked, “I thought I’d see Tupac before I’d ever see Lizzo again.” Others wondered how the allegations against Lizzo seemed to have disappeared and questioned why she was back in the spotlight.

However, there were also fans who saw no issue with Lizzo’s appearance and enjoyed seeing her announce her friend SZA as the winner. One supporter wrote, “The embrace between SZA and Lizzo is the epitome of how Black women will always love on each other and encourage each other.”

It is worth noting that Lizzo has vehemently denied the allegations and has asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the first lawsuit filed against her. In October, 18 of her current staff members signed a declaration disputing the accusations made by her former dancers.

Despite the ongoing legal battle, Lizzo has slowly started making her way back onto the scene. She was seen sitting with SZA in the audience during the Grammys, showcasing her recent weight loss in a custom black leather gown.

The confusion among fans regarding Lizzo’s presence at the Grammys reflects the divided opinions surrounding the allegations against her. As the lawsuits continue, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact her career moving forward.