Mountain Brook Doctor Charged in Tragic Traffic Crash Death of 10-Year-Old Daughter, Case Heads to Grand Jury

Mountain Brook, Alabama – A doctor from Mountain Brook, Alabama, has chosen to forego a preliminary hearing in the case of her 10-year-old daughter’s death in a traffic crash. Dr. Sarah Kathleen Cumbest Mullican, a 45-year-old anesthesiologist, is facing charges of reckless manslaughter and felony attempting to elude. The incident occurred on July 22, 2023, when Annabelle Mullican tragically lost her life.

The purpose of the preliminary hearing is for defendants to hear the evidence against them and for a judge to determine if there is enough reason to proceed with a grand jury indictment. However, with Dr. Mullican waiving her right to this hearing, the case will now be sent directly to a grand jury for further consideration. Her bond remains set at $45,000.

Dr. Mullican was initially arrested on September 15, 2023. The affidavit states that she recklessly caused the death of her daughter by operating a motor vehicle above the posted speed limits, allegedly attempting to elude a law enforcement officer, and potentially operating under the influence of controlled substances. The specific substances involved were not listed in the affidavit.

Represented by attorneys Tommy Spina, Brett Bloomston, and Ben Preston, Dr. Mullican is now awaiting the grand jury’s decision. The crash occurred on Cherokee Road in Mountain Brook at approximately 5:30 pm on a Saturday. According to the police report, an officer observed Dr. Mullican’s vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and swerving out of its lane multiple times.

The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop; however, Dr. Mullican continued driving and allegedly threw a cup and another object out of the vehicle’s window. The officer activated his emergency equipment, but Dr. Mullican’s vehicle accelerated. As the road curved, the vehicle ran off the right side and struck several trees, ultimately overturning and coming to a stop in a ditch.

Both Dr. Mullican and her other daughter, 8-year-old Callie Mullican, sustained abrasions on their arms and legs. Callie, who was wearing her seatbelt, was taken to Children’s of Alabama for treatment. Unfortunately, Annabelle, who was seated in the backseat on the driver’s side, was not wearing her seatbelt. She suffered a major head injury and was unresponsive at the scene. Annabelle was pronounced dead at Children’s of Alabama just before 6:20 pm.

After the crash, Dr. Mullican was also taken to Children’s of Alabama and later had a search warrant executed at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center for blood and saliva samples. Additionally, she was admitted to Brookwood for a psychiatric evaluation and issued a traffic citation for reckless driving.

The case will now proceed to a grand jury for further investigation and possible indictment. The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Annabelle Mullican highlight the serious charges faced by her mother, Dr. Sarah Kathleen Cumbest Mullican, in the traffic crash.