North Carolina Implements Price Gouging Law as Winter Storm Looms

Wilmington, North Carolina – In response to Governor Roy Cooper’s state of emergency declaration, Attorney General Josh Stein has implemented North Carolina’s price gouging law. This law aims to prevent businesses from unfairly raising the prices of goods or services during times of crisis. The governor declared the state of emergency in anticipation of severe weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, flash flooding, high winds, and tornado warnings. These conditions pose a risk of power outages due to downed power lines and fallen trees.

Under the price gouging law, businesses are allowed to increase prices to meet increased costs of resupplying, but they must disclose these increases to consumers. It is unacceptable, however, for businesses to unreasonably raise prices in order to profit from a state of emergency. Attorney General Josh Stein emphasized the importance of holding any bad actors accountable and encouraged consumers to report any unfair prices they come across.

To report instances of price gouging, consumers can visit the AG’s office website or call the hotline provided. The Attorney General’s office will investigate reports and take action if necessary. Stein expressed his concern for everyone’s safety during the storms and pledged to do all he can to ensure fairness in pricing.

As the storm approaches, it is crucial for residents to stay informed and make necessary preparations. The state of emergency declaration provides the necessary framework for protecting consumers from price gouging. By reporting any suspicious price increases, individuals can contribute to the maintenance of a fair marketplace during times of crisis.

In summary, Attorney General Josh Stein has implemented North Carolina’s price gouging law in response to the state of emergency declared by Governor Roy Cooper. The law aims to prevent businesses from unreasonably raising prices during times of crisis. Consumers are encouraged to report any instances of unfair pricing to the AG’s office. This ensures that action can be taken to hold any bad actors accountable and maintain a fair marketplace for all.