Ogilvy Global CCO, Liz Taylor, Named Jury President for 45th AWARD Awards

SYDNEY, Australia – The Australasian Writers and Art Directors (AWARD) has selected Liz Taylor, the global chief creative officer of Ogilvy, to serve as the jury president for this year’s AWARD Awards. In her role as Global CCO, Taylor has overseen the creative product of Ogilvy’s 131 offices in 93 countries since 2021. This includes the advertising, PR/social/influence, experience, consulting, and health business units. Taylor recognizes the AWARD Awards as a platform that aims to elevate creativity and continuously inspire future standards in the industry. She expresses her gratitude for the invitation to be the jury president for the 45th year of the event.

Aside from her participation in the AWARD Awards, Liz Taylor will also be a prominent guest at This Way Up, AWARD’s renowned creative festival, scheduled for August this year. Known as a gathering for the most brilliant minds in the field, This Way Up provides a platform for worthwhile opinions and showcases exceptional creative work from the APAC region. Taylor eagerly anticipates immersing herself in the festival’s offerings.

Mandie van der Merwe, the chair of AWARD, commends the organization for securing a globally acclaimed female creative like Liz Taylor as the jury president. Van der Merwe highlights that Taylor’s fresh perspective, energy, and vision will contribute to the evaluation of APAC’s most prestigious creative awards program. Notably, Taylor will also serve as one of the keynote speakers at This Way Up, sharing her insights with the festival audience.

As the 45th AWARD Awards open for entries, participants now have the chance to compete and gain recognition. The winners of this year’s awards will be announced at This Way Up: Australia’s Advertising Festival of Creativity, taking place from August 13-15.

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