Ohio Man Faces Murder Charges as Grand Jury Steps In After Shooting Incident in Charleston

Charleston, West Virginia – A Kanawha County grand jury will review a murder case that unfolded in Charleston, after charges were advanced following a preliminary hearing on Thursday. Dominick Gray, a 38-year-old resident of Columbus, Ohio, is facing charges for the shooting death of 34-year-old Beverly Hensley and the injuring of her 9-month-old daughter.

According to Charleston Police Detective Jonathan Hill’s testimony, Hensley was shot three times, while her baby girl sustained a graze wound to her chest and a gunshot wound to her hand. Hill also stated that Gray confessed to shooting Hensley, revealing that he had lost control of his anger following an argument with her.

Tragically, Gray admitted that Hensley was in the process of picking up her daughter when the shooting occurred. The incident took place at Hensley’s Orchard Manor home on the day after Christmas.

At present, Gray is being held without bail in the South Central Regional Jail. The grand jury will now proceed with the case, evaluating the evidence and determining the next legal steps.

Both the shocking nature of the crime and the devastating impact on Hensley’s family have captured public attention. As this case moves forward, the community will be watching closely to ensure justice is served for the victims.