Peoria Men Indicted for Fatal Armed Robbery Plot in Facebook Marketplace Transaction

Peoria, Illinois – Two men have been indicted by a grand jury for their involvement in an armed robbery that resulted in the death of one individual. According to a news release from the grand jury, Sontarrius Williams, 27, and Jaylyn Branscumb, 18, allegedly participated in a robbery after arranging to meet sellers for a transaction on Facebook Marketplace for a vehicle.

The incident occurred on January 16 when the prospective buyers met the supposed sellers in an alley near the 2100 block of West Lincoln Ave. The investigation determined that it was a planned robbery and there was never any intention to sell a car.

During the encounter, a struggle ensued and shots were fired by both the robbers and the victims. One of the robbery suspects was shot and killed at the scene. The victim of the robbery was a licensed gun owner with a permit to carry and was subsequently released without charges.

If convicted, Branscumb and Williams could face at least six years in prison and possibly up to 30 years. Both individuals are facing felony charges of armed robbery. Judge John Vespa will preside over Williams’ case, while Judge Katherine Gorman will handle Branscumb’s case.

Initial court appearances, known as arraignments, are scheduled for February 15.

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