President Biden’s Attorney Slams Special Counsel Report as ‘Shabby Work’

WILMINGTON, Del. – President Joe Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, expressed his concerns to the special counsel and attorney general regarding what he perceived as unfair and unnecessary attacks on the president’s memory. Bauer criticized the investigating report as a “shabby work product.”

The special counsel, appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, had been investigating whether President Biden mishandled classified documents during his time as vice president and senator. The counsel recently concluded that no criminal charges were warranted. In explaining the decision, Special Counsel Robert Hur mentioned that Biden’s defense could potentially emphasize his status as an elderly man with a poor memory.

Hur provided examples of instances where investigators observed lapses in the president’s memory, including his recollection of his son Beau’s death. Biden, openly grieving his son’s passing, expressed anger at this mention, questioning why it was raised at all.

The president’s age has been a concern for voters, and in response, Democrats are emphasizing Biden’s capability to serve as commander in chief. They are also discrediting those who portray him as feeble. First lady Jill Biden wrote a letter raising questions about the politically motivated comments, which generated significant donations for the Biden campaign.

Bauer, who is married to Anita Dunn, a top White House aide, raised objections to the inclusion of certain details in the report. He argued that it violated Justice Department norms by prejudicing the public against individuals not charged with a crime. However, his appeal was unsuccessful.

Former Trump Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defended the report, stating that criminal investigations often uncover unfavorable information about subjects. He questioned the special counsel process, which results in public reports that reveal sealed information from the Department of Justice files.

During the investigation, Biden cooperated and provided truthful answers to the best of his knowledge. Bauer claimed that the report failed to include moments where the president deconstructed investigators’ questions and when the special counsel acknowledged the events being discussed were from many years ago.

Bauer also suggested that there might have been political pressure on the Justice Department, considering the ongoing prosecution of former President Donald Trump for withholding classified documents and his role in the Capitol violence on January 6. Hur, a Republican and former U.S. attorney under Trump, faced external pressures during the investigation.

The Justice Department has not yet responded to the criticism raised by Bauer.