President’s Son Hunter Biden Will Comply with Subpoena if Properly Issued, Lawyer Says

WASHINGTON — Hunter Biden’s attorney has indicated that he will comply with a new subpoena issued by House Republicans in the ongoing investigation into his business dealings. The attorney’s letter, obtained by NBC News, stated that if a “new” and “proper” subpoena is issued, Mr. Biden will comply with a hearing or deposition. The letter was addressed to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, argues that the subpoenas issued to his client so far have been “legally invalid.” Lowell points out that they were issued before the House voted to authorize the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The letter claims that the previous subpoenas cannot serve as a legal basis to proceed with the contempt resolution.

In his letter, Lowell also mentions a suggestion made by Democratic Representative Glenn Ivey during a Judiciary panel markup for a hybrid process that would allow Republicans to conduct a public deposition or hearing with alternating rounds of questions from both Republicans and Democrats. Lowell notes that four Republicans supported this process.

Comer and Jordan responded to the letter, criticizing Hunter Biden for previously refusing to participate in a closed-door deposition. However, they also expressed their willingness to find a new date to speak with him privately. The two chairmen emphasized that Hunter Biden has already defied two valid subpoenas and that the House will move forward with holding him in contempt until he confirms a date for the private deposition.

Next week, the House plans to vote on holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for not complying with the previous subpoenas. Majority Leader Steve Scalise stated that Biden has repeatedly defied the subpoenas and that he should not be allowed to play by different rules.

The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees voted to formally recommend to the full House to hold Hunter Biden in contempt. Since last year, Biden and Republicans have been at odds over how to proceed with the investigation into his business dealings. While Biden has expressed his willingness to testify publicly, he has not agreed to a closed-door deposition, claiming it would not be a fair process.

In summary, Hunter Biden’s attorney has indicated that he will comply with a new subpoena from House Republicans. The attorney argues that the previous subpoenas were legally invalid and cannot serve as a basis for contempt proceedings. The House plans to vote on holding Biden in contempt next week.