Revamped Cyclingworld Awards 2024 Introduce Expert Jury and Open Submissions to All

Düsseldorf, Germany – Cyclingworld Europe, one of the most prestigious bicycle fairs in Europe, is making changes to its annual awards ceremony. In a first for the event, a renowned expert jury will be appointed to determine the winners. This new structure aims to add credibility and expertise to the selection process. The winners of the Cyclingworld Awards will be announced during the opening day of the fair, which will take place from March 15 to 17, 2024.

The popularity of Cyclingworld Europe continues to grow, with the exhibition fully booked six months in advance for its sixth edition. Alongside the fair, the Cyclingworld Awards have become a highly respected recognition of excellence in the world of bicycles. Up until now, the awards were chosen solely through audience voting. However, in response to the increasing significance of the awards, the organizers have decided to transform the process by introducing an expert jury to make the final decision.

Submissions for the Cyclingworld Awards are now open to both exhibitors and non-exhibitors. Participants can submit their products online through the exhibition’s website until February 1. The awards will cover various categories including Cargo, Road, Urban, Gravel, Kids, MTB/ATB, Fashion & Accessories, and Parts & Technology. This year, the submission process requires more detailed information about the products, and there will be a reasonable fee for each application.

After the submission phase, the products will be subjected to public voting online. The top eight to ten finalists in each category will then be reviewed by the expert jury. This special jury session will take place on the day before the fair in Düsseldorf. The jury will personally examine the products and select the winners, who will be honored with an award on the opening night of the fair.

The expert jury comprises prominent individuals from the industry. Dirk Zedler, founder and CEO of the Zedler Group, brings his extensive technical expertise. Renowned product designer and design strategist Michael Lanz will contribute his creative insights. Professor Ursula Tischner, CEO of econcept, agency for sustainable design, will provide expertise in sustainable design. Paul Kefer, owner of Munix Finest Bicyles and stilrad°°, represents the dealer side and offers valuable industry insights. Completing the jury is Wolfgang Scherreiks, an esteemed author and journalist known for his expertise in mobility and cultural topics.

The introduction of the expert jury highlights the commitment of Cyclingworld Europe to maintaining the highest standards in recognizing and promoting outstanding products in the bicycle industry. By combining audience voting with the expert opinion of the jury, the awards aim to truly represent the best in design, functionality, and innovation in the world of bicycles. With the evolving landscape of cycling and the increasing focus on sustainability and urban mobility, the expert jury will play a crucial role in acknowledging the most deserving contributions to the industry.