Russian Left-Wing Activist Sergei Udaltsov Arrested on Terrorism Justification Charges

MOSCOW, Russia – Sergei Udaltsov, a well-known left-wing political activist in Russia, was arrested on Thursday and charged with “justifying terrorism,” according to his lawyer. The arrest came after Udaltsov posted on the Telegram messenger app that police were forcibly entering his home. The specific details of the charges against him have not been provided.

Udaltsov is the leader of the Left Front, a coalition of Russian left-wing groups that is linked to the Communist Party of Russia. His wife, Anastasia Udaltsova, is a member of Russia’s parliament as a communist representative.

The activist gained prominence during the 2011-2012 protests in Moscow, which erupted due to allegations of widespread electoral falsification. At the time, Udaltsov was an ally of now-imprisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. In 2014, Udaltsov was jailed for organizing protests and was only released in 2017.

While Udaltsov remains critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has taken a different stance from his former opposition allies by expressing support for the Kremlin’s military campaign in Ukraine. This has caused a divide between him and others who had originally fought against the government.

No further information about the circumstances surrounding Udaltsov’s arrest or the basis of the charges has been revealed at this time.

In summary, Russian political activist Sergei Udaltsov has been arrested and charged with “justifying terrorism.” Udaltsov rose to prominence during the Moscow protests of 2011-2012, but has since diverged from his previous opposition allies by supporting the Kremlin’s military campaign in Ukraine. More details about the charges against Udaltsov have yet to be disclosed.