Segal McCambridge Appoints Alexander Schaffel as Director of Recruiting & Development, Boosting Firm’s Legal Talent Pool

Jersey City, New Jersey – Segal McCambridge, a law firm based in Jersey City, recently announced the promotion of Alexander Schaffel to the newly created role of Director of Recruiting & Development. With expertise in toxic tort, general liability, and human resources, Schaffel brings a unique skillset to this position.

As Director of Recruiting & Development, Schaffel will spearhead the firm’s efforts to attract and retain top-tier legal talent, as well as facilitate professional development within the firm. His responsibilities include overseeing lateral recruiting, evaluating hiring needs, and establishing internship programs in collaboration with prestigious universities and law education programs. Furthermore, Schaffel will design and implement internal training programs to support the integration of new attorneys.

Jason Eckerly, the managing shareholder of Segal McCambridge, expressed his confidence in Schaffel’s ability to excel in his new role. Eckerly praised Schaffel’s seven years of commitment and noted his proficiency in identifying and nurturing legal talent. Schaffel, in turn, expressed gratitude to Eckerly and the firm’s leadership, emphasizing their dedication to attracting the most capable legal professionals.

This promotion highlights Segal McCambridge’s commitment to strategic initiatives in attorney recruiting, hiring, and development. By appointing Schaffel to this pivotal position, the firm aims to strengthen its reputation as a leading legal organization and foster growth for years to come. Schaffel’s extensive experience and expertise position him well to drive the firm’s growth and success.

The legal industry’s ability to attract and develop top talent has long been recognized as crucial for firms seeking sustained success. With Schaffel’s appointment, Segal McCambridge demonstrates its dedication to remaining a competitive force in the industry. The firm’s emphasis on recruiting and nurturing exceptional legal professionals will solidify its standing and bolster its ability to provide high-quality legal services to clients.

In the dynamic legal landscape, firms must strategize and invest in their recruiting and development efforts to maintain a competitive edge. Schaffel’s expertise in multiple legal areas, combined with his background in human resources and recruiting, uniquely position him to lead Segal McCambridge in these critical areas. His role will contribute to the firm’s overall growth and ensure that it continues to attract, develop, and retain skilled legal professionals.

Segal McCambridge’s decision to create the position of Director of Recruiting & Development reflects the firm’s recognition of the importance of attracting and nurturing exceptional legal talent. With Schaffel’s leadership and expertise, the firm is poised to strengthen its position in the legal market and achieve its long-term strategic goals. As the legal industry continues to evolve, the success of firms like Segal McCambridge will depend on their ability to cultivate and retain outstanding legal professionals.