Shaunak to Join Esteemed Jury at World Cinema Documentary Competition, Sundance Film Festival 2024

Salt Lake City, Utah – Shaunak, director of the award-winning film “All That Breathes,” has been invited to join the jury for the World Cinema Documentary Competition at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival 2024. The festival, scheduled to take place from January 18 to 28, is a renowned platform for independent cinema. Shaunak’s film had previously won the Grand Jury Prize in the same category at the Sundance fest in 2022.

Shaunak expressed his honor and excitement about being selected as a jury member at the Sundance Film Festival. The festival is highly regarded as a beloved and legendary institution for independent cinema. Shaunak highlighted the significance of his own film’s connection to Sundance, including the early support received through the Sundance film grant and the opportunity to have a world premiere at the festival. Winning the Grand Jury Prize was a pinnacle moment for Shaunak, and he expressed gratitude towards the festival and its organization for their continuous support.

Joining Shaunak on the World Cinema Documentary Competition jury are industry professionals Mandy Chang, Creative Director of Fremantle’s Undeniable documentary strand, and Monica Hellström, a producer known for her work on acclaimed documentaries like “Flee” and “A House Made of Splinters.”

Shaunak also shared his enthusiasm for the jury work, describing the experience of watching carefully curated films chosen by a high-caliber programming team. He emphasized the opportunity to immerse oneself in high-quality cinema for nine to ten days, which he eagerly awaits despite the freezing climate of Park City, Utah.

The Sundance Film Festival remains one of the most revered and influential events for independent filmmakers worldwide. It serves as a platform for showcasing exceptional storytelling and groundbreaking works. Shaunak’s inclusion as a jury member further solidifies his reputation as a talented filmmaker and highlights the recognition he has gained within the industry.

With his invitation to join the World Cinema Documentary Competition jury, Shaunak joins a distinguished lineup of industry professionals shaping the landscape of independent cinema. His presence adds an invaluable perspective to the festival’s celebration of artistic excellence.

Shaunak’s participation in the Sundance Film Festival 2024 underscores the festival’s commitment to supporting and promoting emerging filmmakers. The inclusion of “All That Breathes” in the festival’s program showcases the impact and quality of Shaunak’s work. The festival provides a crucial platform for filmmakers to connect with audiences, industry professionals, and fellow creatives.

The Sundance Film Festival 2024 is set to be an exciting event, bringing together exceptional talent from around the world. As one of the jury members for the World Cinema Documentary Competition, Shaunak’s contribution will shape the recognition and success of filmmakers in this category. Audiences can look forward to witnessing the powerful narratives and diverse perspectives presented at the festival.

Shaunak’s journey as a filmmaker continues to evolve, and his participation in the Sundance Film Festival 2024 serves as a testament to his dedication and artistic vision. The festival presents an unparalleled opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work, connect with industry professionals, and deepen their understanding of the global cinema landscape.

Shaunak’s role as a jury member at the Sundance Film Festival reflects not only his individual achievements but also the growing influence and impact of independent cinema and the filmmakers who bring important stories to life. The festival’s commitment to nurturing talent continues to shape the future of filmmaking, fostering an environment where diverse voices can thrive and captivate audiences worldwide.