Terrifying Dog Attack Leaves 3-Year-Old Girl With Gruesome Injuries: Mother Demands Justice

COLUMBIA, SC – A three-year-old girl in Columbia, South Carolina, was mauled by two dogs and dragged by the scalp to a neighbor’s property, according to the victim’s mother, Chyanne Nipper. Nipper, accompanied by her attorney Hemphill Pride, held a press conference to provide details about the horrific attack.

The victim, identified as Kaliyah McFadden, was attacked on February 14, 2024, by a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd. The incident occurred when McFadden and her mother were in the process of moving into a new house. Pride disclosed that the attack took place in their yard and that the dogs ultimately dragged McFadden to the neighboring property.

As a result of the attack, McFadden suffered injuries to her face, stomach, thighs, and back. Despite Nipper’s claim that the attack happened on their property, Columbia’s Animal Control department has informed her that the dogs will not be euthanized because McFadden was on the neighbor’s property at the time. However, Nipper disputes this and asserts that her daughter was dragged by the dogs.

In the aftermath of the attack, the owners of the dogs, who are neighbors, initially offered support to McFadden but have since shown indifference towards the incident, according to Pride. Nipper, concerned about her daughter’s healthcare and well-being, is demanding that the dogs be euthanized.

Although McFadden has been discharged from the hospital, she continues to struggle with both mental and physical anguish. At this time, Nipper has not filed a lawsuit regarding the incident. The case highlights the importance of preventing and addressing dangerous dog attacks, and the need for proper enforcement of regulations and animal control measures.