Urgent Search Underway for Missing Ohio Teenager Who Vanished During Large Gathering

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio – Authorities are currently conducting a search for an 18-year-old teenager who has gone missing in Lawrence County, Ohio. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking information on the whereabouts of Shannon “Chase” Sizemore. Described as approximately 5’6 with brown hair and eyes, Sizemore was last seen wearing a red Under Armour hoodie and jeans.

The search effort began after law enforcement received a call regarding a large gathering of individuals near a strip mine on Saturday night. Upon arrival, some of the group dispersed into a nearby wooded area, and Sizemore was subsequently unable to be located. It was then that authorities initiated the search for him, commencing at approximately 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Despite the efforts of several search and rescue teams, Sizemore has yet to be found. As the search continues, officials are urging anyone with information to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 532-3106.

The circumstances surrounding Sizemore’s disappearance remain unclear at this time. The community is anxiously awaiting any updates or leads that may shed light on his current whereabouts. Authorities, along with concerned friends and family, are fervently hoping for a safe and swift resolution to this ongoing search.

Law enforcement agencies are conducting thorough searches of the wooded area in Hanging Rock, giving special attention to potential hiding spots or areas where the missing teenager may have sought refuge. Every resource available is being utilized to ensure an exhaustive search effort.

In small towns like Lawrence County, the disappearance of a young person creates a sense of unease and heightens concerns for the entire community. While the circumstances of this case remain a mystery, local residents are banding together, sharing information, and offering their support to the authorities in their search for Sizemore.

As the search continues into the coming days, investigators will diligently pursue any leads and follow up on every piece of information provided. The community remains hopeful that Sizemore will soon be found safe and reunited with his loved ones, bringing an end to the uncertainty that currently surrounds his disappearance.