Winners Announced for 2024 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Jury Awards

PARK CITY, Utah — The winners of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Jury Awards were revealed last night in Park City. The festival received a whopping 12,098 submissions and selected 53 shorts for the competition. Director and writer Alex Lora Cercos took home the coveted Short Film Grand Jury Prize for his film, “The Masterpiece.”

The Short Film Grand Jury Prize winner is a Spanish film that tells the story of a wealthy couple who meet two immigrants at a recycle center. Intrigued by their presence, the couple invites them to their mansion, unaware that the immigrants may actually hold something valuable that the couple desires. The jury described the film as a thrilling nail-biter that lingered in their minds long after the credits rolled.

In addition to the grand prize, the festival also honored other outstanding short films. Kate Jean Hollowell, from the United States, won the Short Film Jury Award in the Fiction category for her film “Say Hi After You Die.” The film portrays a grieving woman who believes her deceased best friend has returned to visit her as a port-a-potty. The jury commended the film for blending heartfelt moments with humor and a touch of the absurd.

An Chu, from Taiwan, received the Short Film Jury Award in the International Fiction category for “The Stag.” The film takes place at a deer farm and follows a middle-aged man who is asked to remove a stag’s antlers in front of his two children. The jury praised the film for its power and the emotional tale of a father trying to do what is right for his kids.

In the Nonfiction category, Jack Dunphy’s “Bob’s Funeral” was recognized with the Short Film Jury Award. The film explores generational trauma as the director covertly films his estranged grandfather’s funeral. The jury admired Dunphy’s ability to balance different tones and styles in such a concise storytelling format.

Phoebe Jane Hart’s “Bug Diner” won the Short Film Jury Award in the Animation category. The American film immerses viewers in a dissatisfied marriage, a secret crush, and workplace fantasies set in a diner run by a mole with an enticing allure. The jury found the film to be a continuous source of laughter, with clever writing and exceptional animation.

Finally, two directors were granted A Short Film Special Jury Prize for Directing. Masha Ko, from the United States, received the award for her film “The Looming,” which centers around a virtual home assistant that uncovers a troubling noise in a man’s house. The jury commended Ko for creating a beautifully terrifying piece that left a lasting impression.

Makoto Nagahisa, from Japan, also received the Special Jury Prize for Directing for his film “Pisko the Crab Child is in Love.” The film tells the story of a half-human, half-crab girl who falls in love with her teacher. The jury was captivated by the joy and love captured in the film and rooted for the unconventional romance.

The 2024 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Jury Awards showcased a diverse range of talent and storytelling. These outstanding films left a lasting impact on the jury and highlighted the creative brilliance of short films. The recognition received at Sundance will undoubtedly propel these filmmakers to greater heights in their careers.