30th Annual AME Awards Announces Diverse and Talented 2024 Grand Jury to Judge Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness.

NEW YORK, NY – The New York Festivals AME Awards, celebrating advertising and marketing effectiveness, has unveiled its esteemed Grand Jury for 2024. This 30th edition of the awards will see an international lineup of strategists assessing the entries submitted for consideration.

The AME Grand Jury consists of visionary leaders from 30 countries who understand the dynamic connection between creativity and effectiveness. These renowned executives, including Chief Strategy Officers, CEOs, Creative Chairmen, and Heads of Planning, bring a wealth of industry experience to the table.

Representing diverse backgrounds and regions, the 2024 Grand Jury is a truly global assembly. From Argentina to the UAE, Brazil to Singapore, and Ecuador to Sweden, these strategists have consistently delivered creative and effective solutions throughout their careers.

As the judges for this year’s AME Awards, this curated panel of creative strategists will evaluate all entries meticulously. Their role is crucial in determining the 2024 AME Shortlist, recognizing exceptional creativity that solves problems, inspires action, and delivers tangible results.

Entrants can expect an unparalleled jury that is not only well-versed but passionately committed to celebrating groundbreaking regional and global campaigns. The 2024 Grand Jury sets the standard for excellence, with their ability to recognize outstanding work and their industry expertise.

The AME Awards’ Vice President and Executive Director, Gayle Seminara Mandel, expressed excitement for the involvement of these strategic innovators in judging the competition. She emphasized that their global knowledge and perspective will ensure the recognition and celebration of creative work that delivers outstanding results.

The results of the 2024 AME Awards Jury sessions will be featured in the AME Report, an annual ranking report that honors outstanding agencies and brands from 30 countries. This report provides valuable insights into the industry and highlights the best in creativity and effectiveness.

With the final deadline for entries approaching on April 3, 2024, agencies and brands worldwide are encouraged to submit their work for the 2024 AME Awards. This competition offers a unique opportunity to showcase outstanding campaigns and gain recognition for excellence in advertising and marketing effectiveness.

For more information on the competition details, rules and regulations, categories, and entry submissions, interested participants can visit the official AME Awards website. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this prestigious event and make your mark in the world of advertising and marketing.