Africa’s Creative Powerhouses Join 2024 NYF Advertising Awards Shortlist Jury

NEW YORK CITY, USA – The 2024 NYF Advertising Awards Shortlist Jury has been announced by the New York Festivals Advertising Awards (NYF), featuring two jurors from Africa. Among the panel of esteemed industry leaders and innovative creatives are Anthony Eigbe, creative director at X3M Ideas in Nigeria, and Roderick Laka, creative group head of Art at Machine: Publicis Groupe in South Africa.

The NYF Advertising Awards Shortlist Jury is renowned for its forward-thinking members who have a track record of excellence and innovation. Comprised of top-tier agencies from around the world, these individuals have garnered international recognition for their award-winning work.

Scott Rose, president of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards competitions, expressed the significance of the Shortlist Jury, stating that they play a vital role in the judging process by curating the shortlist and setting the stage for success. Their expertise and discerning eye ensure the integrity of the judging process, laying the groundwork for the Executive Juries.

The 2024 Shortlist Jury is already shaping up to be one of diverse talent, with CEOs, chief creative officers, executive creative directors, CSOs, managing directors, and marketing professionals among its members. These world-class innovators bring their expertise and perspective to carefully consider each entry and ensure that the most innovative creative work is rewarded.

Jennifer Vizina, director of NYF Advertising Awards, expressed her gratitude for the participation of these renowned industry leaders and award-winning creatives on the Shortlist Jury. Their meticulous and deliberate judgment ensures that only the most deserving work receives recognition.

The shortlisted entries will then be judged by NYF’s Executive Jury in face-to-face meetings to be held in New York City in May. The New York Festivals Advertising Awards attracts entries from over 60 countries and is evaluated by more than 200 members of the Executive Jury and specialty Executive Juries, including the 2024 Shortlist Jury. These jurors collectively cast their votes to determine the winners of the prestigious awards.

The deadline to enter the 2024 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is April 5, 2024, with the final deadline set for April 26, 2024. Participants from around the world are urged to submit their most innovative and impactful creative work for consideration.

Overall, the NYF Advertising Awards and its esteemed jury are committed to recognizing and celebrating excellence in advertising, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the industry.