Attorney Confronts Lizzo’s ‘Quit’ Statement Amid Harassment Lawsuit

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles-based attorney Ron Zambrano has issued a scolding response to Lizzo’s recent Instagram statement, where she expressed her frustration and hinted at quitting music. Zambrano is representing the dancers who are suing the singer for harassment. He criticized Lizzo for claiming to be bullied by the internet and suggested that she should reflect on her own actions instead. According to Zambrano, Lizzo’s strategy in handling the lawsuit has been a failure, and her attempts to play the victim are desperate. He urged her to take responsibility for her behavior and stop sexually harassing, shaming, and bullying her employees.

Zambrano further stated that Lizzo could make everything go away by owning up to her mistakes, compensating those she has wronged, and working towards personal growth. He argued that the entertainment industry is grappling with celebrity toxicity, and Lizzo’s conduct will not be tolerated. Zambrano emphasized that no workplace should permit such vile treatment of employees.

Meanwhile, Billboard reached out to Lizzo’s team for a response to Zambrano’s statement. Previously, the singer had expressed her exhaustion with public criticism and the negative portrayal of her character. She stated that she wants to make music, bring happiness to people, and leave the world a little better. However, she feels like the world does not want her in it, due to the constant lies and jokes made at her expense.

Lizzo has faced scrutiny over the past year following a harassment lawsuit filed by three of her former dancers. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, accuses Lizzo and her company of various legal wrongdoings. In response, Lizzo denied the allegations and termed them as false and sensationalized stories.

The lawsuit and the subsequent legal battle have caused significant controversy and attention to surrounding Lizzo’s career. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold and what impact it will have on her future in the music industry.