Family of Injured Student Files Lawsuit Against Albuquerque Public Schools After Shocking Sword Fight Incident in High School Classroom

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In an unexpected turn of events at Volcano Vista High School, a disturbing incident unfolded in a classroom when students were seen engaged in a sword fight. Disturbing footage of the incident was obtained by KOAT, revealing one student’s serious injury. As a result, the student’s family has filed a lawsuit against the school district. According to Jessica Hernandez, the student’s attorney, the incident occurred in May 2022. The video footage shows the teacher, casually leaning against a podium, observing her students wielding the weapons in combat. Hernandez expressed the family’s disbelief, … Read more

Overpumping in Tulare County Threatens Newly Rebuilt Canal, Lawsuit Reveals

Farmers in Tulare County, California are facing criticism for their excessive groundwater pumping, which is endangering a newly constructed section of the Friant-Kern Canal. The canal had to be rebuilt due to overpumping, which caused a 33-mile segment to sink. A lawsuit filed on February 16 claims that the farmers are being allowed to pump so much groundwater that it is causing further damage to the canal. The Friant Water Authority and the Arvin-Edison Water Storage District filed the lawsuit against the Eastern Tule Groundwater Sustainability Agency, which is responsible for reducing groundwater pumping under … Read more

Jeff Ruby’s Restaurants Faces Federal Lawsuit for Skimming Server Tips and Paying Non-Tipped Workers

CINCINNATI – The company operating Jeff Ruby’s restaurants is facing a federal lawsuit, accused of diverting money from the server’s “tip pool” to non-tipped employees. The lawsuit alleges that Ruby’s restaurants paid “tip pool employees” less than the federal and state minimum wage by utilizing the “tip credit” to meet their wage obligations. It further claims that the company failed to inform workers about this practice, as required. The suit also asserts that Ruby’s distributed “tip pool” funds to behind-the-scenes workers, including cooks and dishwashers, who were consequently paid less. On Tuesday, CEO Britney Ruby … Read more

Out of Control: Teacher Organizes Classroom Sword Fights Resulting in Student Hospitalization, Sparks Lawsuit

Atlanta, Georgia – A teacher from Georgia is facing a lawsuit after allegedly hosting sword fights during class, resulting in a student being sent to the hospital with injuries. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of students in the classroom and the responsibility of educators to ensure their well-being. The lawsuit claims that the teacher organized sword fights as part of a “medieval day” activity in their high school classroom. According to the complaint, the fights involved the use of real swords and resulted in one student being bloodied and sustaining injuries. Parents … Read more