Brave Testimony Breaks Silence: Step-grandfather Convicted of Horrific Decades-Long Child Molesting Crimes

RUSHVILLE, Indiana – A Rush County jury delivered a guilty verdict last week against 77-year-old Kenneth Barrow. Barrow was charged with multiple sex offenses, including child molesting, child solicitation, and fondling in the presence of a minor. These crimes were committed between 1997 and 2005. The charges were filed in 2021, when the victim was 28 years old.

During the trial, the victim, who is Barrow’s step-granddaughter, provided testimony about the abuse she endured from the ages of four to twelve. While the victim had reported the incidents to the police in 2005, no charges were filed at that time. Detective Caitlin Herbert of the Rushville Police Department testified that she began investigating the case in 2021 and discovered that a report had been made in 2005, but it could not be retrieved due to a system crash. Efforts to obtain records through the software provider and other agencies were unsuccessful.

Rush County Prosecutor Phil Caviness emphasized the victim’s courage in speaking out about the abuse, which ultimately made the case prosecutable. He praised her for putting an end to Barrow’s sexual abuse by reporting it in 2005 and now by testifying in court.

Cases involving child victims can be challenging, as they often face difficulties when testifying in front of strangers and their abuser. However, in this case, having an articulate adult testify about the victimization significantly strengthened the prosecution’s case.

Barrow has been ordered to remain in custody at Rush County Jail until sentencing. Additionally, he is scheduled to face trial in Marion County on February 26, 2024, for other child molesting charges involving a different alleged victim.

The conviction of Kenneth Barrow serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting child abuse and supporting victims in seeking justice. This case also highlights the potential difficulties that arise when prosecuting crimes committed against children. By sharing their experiences and testifying in court, victims contribute to the prosecution’s ability to hold perpetrators accountable.