Calera Takes Action to Ensure Neighborhood Safety with New Traffic Laws

CALERA, Alabama – In an effort to prioritize the safety of residents and children in the Savannah Pointe subdivision, the City of Calera has taken steps to address traffic concerns. Following a petition from the homeowner’s association, the city council recently approved new traffic laws aimed at tackling issues such as speeding and street parking. The implementation of these laws will be enforced by the Calera Police Department within the next 60 days.

Councilor Kay Snowden Turner emphasized the council’s commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone, particularly children. Turner expressed concern that speeding and other traffic violations posed a significant risk, as school buses regularly traverse the area for pick-ups and drop-offs. She emphasized the need for residents to comply with traffic laws to prevent potential harm to the community’s children.

To support the enforcement of the new laws, Calera has established a partnership with the state, enabling the city to receive grant funding. This funding allows the police department to dedicate overtime hours specifically to enforcing the new traffic regulations. Despite this focus on traffic safety, Turner assured residents that the police department would continue fulfilling its obligations to protect the community.

Ensuring the well-being of Calera’s neighborhoods and its inhabitants remains a top priority for the city council. By implementing these new measures, they aim to create safer streets and reduce the risk of accidents caused by reckless driving. The council’s decision to address the concerns raised by the homeowner’s association highlights their dedication to fostering a secure and supportive community environment.

In conclusion, the City of Calera in Alabama has responded to the Savannah Pointe subdivision homeowner’s association’s concerns about roadway safety by approving new traffic laws. The Calera Police Department is set to enforce these regulations within the next 60 days, focusing on issues such as speeding and street parking. By prioritizing the safety of residents, particularly children, the city council strives to diminish potential risks and create a secure environment for all community members.