Stalled Legal Battle: Second Judge Recuses in Birmingham Towing Company Class Action Lawsuit

Birmingham, Ala. — A class action lawsuit against local towing company Parking Enforcement Systems has encountered further delays as Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Tamara Harris Johnson stepped down from the case last month citing ethical concerns. This marks the second judge to recuse from the matter following Judge Pat Ballard’s earlier withdrawal. The lawsuit, initiated on behalf of Birmingham resident Terry White and other affected parties by Alabama Car Lawyers and Hood Law LLC., alleges illegal towing practices and excessive fees by PES, as well as financial improprieties involving Robert L. Crook, Jr., who … Read more

NFL Seeks to Overturn $4.7 Billion Jury Verdict in Sunday Ticket Class Action, Citing Juror Bias and Legal Missteps

The NFL, reeling from a significant legal defeat in a class action lawsuit regarding its Sunday Ticket service, is not backing down and is aiming for a reversal of the $4.7 billion jury verdict. Last month, a jury decided against the league in a case that could redefine sports broadcasting economics. The league’s response was swift; shortly after the verdict, they filed for a judgment as a matter of law or, alternatively, a new trial. In its legal motions, the NFL argued that the damages awarded were excessive and irrational. The league contended that the … Read more

NFL Faces Record $12.288 Billion Penalty in Landmark Antitrust Class Action Over Sunday Ticket Pricing

Federal court recently ruled that the NFL will have to pay a staggering $4.096 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit, a decision that marks a significant financial setback for the league. The sum, which a jury awarded after approximately a full day of deliberations that began Wednesday and concluded Thursday, will specifically target the NFL’s Sunday Ticket pricing strategies. This landmark judgement, notably the largest the NFL has ever faced, came after plaintiffs argued that the NFL’s Sunday Ticket service, which required fans to purchase a package to watch games not broadcast in their local … Read more

Legal Action Spotlights Alleged Elevated PFAS Content in Popular Baby Wipes Brand

New York – A recent lawsuit has been filed against Costco Wholesale Corporation, alleging that its Kirkland Signature brand baby wipes contain dangerously high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), chemicals that are linked to several health problems. The legal action, initiated by a mother in New York, raises serious concerns about the safety and integrity of these commonly used products. The lawsuit was lodged at the federal court following tests commissioned by the plaintiff, which are claimed to have revealed the presence of PFAS in significant amounts. PFas, often referred to as “forever … Read more