California Judge Nominated for Federal Bench by Biden Withdraws Nomination, Raising Questions About Selection Process

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California judge who was selected by President Joe Biden for the federal bench has withdrawn her nomination amid bipartisan opposition. The withdrawal comes as an unexpected setback for the Biden administration’s efforts to fill vacancies in the judicial system.

Judge Jennifer Parker, who currently sits on the California Court of Appeal, was nominated by Biden in January for a seat on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. However, her nomination faced criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, leading to mounting pressure for her to withdraw.

The opposition to Parker’s nomination stemmed from concerns over her judicial temperament and past decisions. Critics pointed to several cases where they believed she had demonstrated bias or had deviated from legal precedent. The concerns were raised during her confirmation hearings, and some senators expressed reservations about her suitability for the lifetime appointment.

Although Parker initially stood firm on her nomination, she ultimately made the decision to withdraw after discussions with the White House and Senate leaders. In a statement, Parker expressed gratitude for the opportunity and stated that she understood the need to maintain the public’s trust in the judiciary.

President Biden’s judicial nominees have faced varied levels of opposition, with some facing significant pushback from Republicans. The withdrawal of Parker’s nomination underscores the challenges that the administration may encounter in its efforts to reshape the federal judiciary.

With Parker’s withdrawal, the search for a nominee to fill the vacancy on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals continues. The court, with jurisdiction over nine western states, is one of the most influential appellate courts in the country.

In summary, Judge Jennifer Parker, who was chosen by President Joe Biden for a seat on the federal bench, has withdrawn her nomination amidst opposition from both Democrats and Republicans. Parker’s decision comes after concerns were raised about her judicial temperament and past decisions. This setback highlights the challenges faced by the Biden administration in filling vacancies in the federal judiciary. The search for a new nominee for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals continues.