Democratic Party Candidate Withdraws from Parliamentary Elections Amid Controversy Surrounding Defense Lawyer Career

SEOUL, South Korea – A candidate from the Democratic Party (DP) has withdrawn her bid for the upcoming parliamentary elections following widespread criticism of her past career as a defense lawyer representing sexual offenders. Cho Soo-jin, who won the party ticket for the Gangbuk-B district in northern Seoul, made the announcement on Thursday after facing mounting scrutiny. Cho expressed her gratitude to the DP members for their support and urged the party to focus on securing victory in the elections. Cho came under fire after it was revealed that she employed aggressive arguments in defense … Read more

Attorney Withdraws from Trial, Delaying Second Trial for Woman Involved in Fatal Crash

Sanilac County, MI – Theresa Gafken’s second trial has been further postponed as her defense attorney seeks to withdraw from the case. Patrick Politano, who began representing Gafken in September, has stated his inability to continue as her defense attorney due to taking on a new job as an attorney for Sanilac County. In his motion to withdraw, Politano has designated defense attorney Sharon Parrish to take over Gafken’s defense. As a result, Gafken’s trial has been rescheduled from March 12 to May 14, allowing Parrish enough time to familiarize herself with the case. The … Read more

San Diego Superior Court Judge Withdraws Nomination for Federal Judgeship

SAN DIEGO, California – San Diego Superior Court Judge Marian Gaston has withdrawn her nomination for a federal judgeship, just as she was nearing confirmation. The news comes after she had been nominated by President Joe Biden in December 2022 for the position. Gaston’s decision was communicated to California Sen. Alex Padilla’s office, which revealed that she requested the administration not to resubmit her nomination. Gaston had been slated to fill the vacancy of U.S. District Judge William Hayes, who had assumed senior status in 2021. The White House, however, announced the nomination of another … Read more

California Judge Nominated for Federal Bench by Biden Withdraws Nomination, Raising Questions About Selection Process

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California judge who was selected by President Joe Biden for the federal bench has withdrawn her nomination amid bipartisan opposition. The withdrawal comes as an unexpected setback for the Biden administration’s efforts to fill vacancies in the judicial system. Judge Jennifer Parker, who currently sits on the California Court of Appeal, was nominated by Biden in January for a seat on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. However, her nomination faced criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, leading to mounting pressure for her to withdraw. The opposition to Parker’s … Read more