Calling All Patriots: Sign Up to Be an Election Judge and Safeguard Democracy Today!

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – As the upcoming elections draw near, Cascade County is holding training sessions for election judges this week, providing an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the democratic process. Election judges play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and accessibility of elections, being responsible for the proper implementation of polling procedures on election day.

Taking place at the Paddock Club in Montana ExpoPark, the training sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:30 to 5:00 and 5:30 to 8:00, with an additional session on Thursday from 2:30 to 5:00. These sessions are open to anyone interested in becoming an election judge, even at this stage.

Upon completion of the training, participants can obtain a certificate that designates them as qualified election judges. These certificates are necessary for individuals to be eligible to serve in this critical role.

Recognizing the importance of election judges, Terry Thompson, the Elections Administrator for Cascade County, emphasized the significance of their role in upholding the democratic process. Thompson stated, “Because they’re the people that are going to make sure that the election was conducted properly and that, you know, the ballots are handled properly, the ballots are counted properly, secured, all those type of things. And I think it’s a patriotic thing to do.”

To become an election judge in Cascade County, individuals must be registered voters. For more information or to sign up, interested individuals can contact the election office at 406-454-6803.

By actively participating as election judges, community members can contribute to the safeguarding of fair and secure elections. This unique opportunity not only allows individuals to learn about the electoral process firsthand but also fosters a sense of civic duty and patriotism. Taking up the role of an election judge is an essential step in upholding the democratic values that our nation holds dear. So, join Cascade County in the pursuit of ensuring a transparent and well-executed electoral process by signing up to become an election judge today.