Family of Man Killed in Wyoming Police Shooting Sues City and Officers for Wrongful Death and Excessive Force

WYOMING, Ohio – The city of Wyoming and the officers involved are facing a lawsuit from the family of a 28-year-old man who was killed during a shooting involving the police last year. Joe Frasure Jr. was fatally shot in January 2023 when Wyoming police officers responded to a burglary call. Frasure’s parents filed the lawsuit in federal court, alleging excessive force, wrongful death, and lack of police training as contributing factors to their son’s tragic demise. They firmly assert that Frasure was never seen committing a crime or possessing a weapon and believe that his death was completely unnecessary.

According to body camera footage released after the shooting, officers encountered Frasure Jr. inside a van. Instructing him to stop and raise his hands, three officers fired shots at the van as it accelerated towards them. The lawsuit claims that immediately after witnessing his son being shot, an officer pointed a gun at Frasure Sr.’s head and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t get on the ground. This alleged act of excessive force is vigorously contested by the Frasure family. They argue that neither Frasure Jr. nor his father posed any immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury to anyone.

Hamilton County prosecutor Melissa Powers conducted an investigation into the incident, ultimately determining that the officers had acted in self-defense and would not face charges. Powers commended the officers for their bravery, stating that their actions that night were a testament to their training and the fear they reasonably experienced. However, the lawsuit accuses the officers of negligence and recklessness for using deadly force against Frasure Jr. The legal action seeks damages, funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, as well as reimbursement of legal fees and court costs.

As of now, neither the Wyoming Police Department nor the family’s attorney has responded to requests for comment on the matter. The case highlights the ongoing debate surrounding police use of force and the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to ensure proper training and accountability. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for both the city of Wyoming and the individuals involved in the shooting.